At the time we met Sarah she was 31 year old wife and mother with seven daughters ranging from ages 2 through 15, all of whom had been living in motel shelter for a couple of months. Play with us at the best casino on the internet at the invisible man spillemaskinen. Doubled deposit! Go over and win!

Here is the story of how she and her family got there:

While paying full rent for an apartment that was not safe or healthy, (it had 27 health violations including asbestos, lead, mildew, and mold and the landlord, even after a Dept. of Health inspection, refused to make all the needed repairs), Sarah and her husband tried to find another apartment that fit both their family size and budget, but had no luck. Eventually they had no choice but to contact the state for help.

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At the motel, the family lived in two small rooms that were not adjoined; Sarah in one room with some of the children, and her husband in the other with the rest of the children. Adding the the stress of their living situation was the fact that Sarah’s husband suffers from social anxiety and is also bi polar.

Sarah knew she was yelling more since coming to the motel — She was frustrated by the fact that there wasn’t any place for her to take a break as she headed back and forth between the two rooms. She often cried at night, missing the things she used to be able to do, including cooking a real meal for her family.

Sarah felt especially sad for her oldest daughters who hadn’t told their friends at school where they were living or why, making up excuses when friends wanted to come over, and begging Sarah not to tell them where they were living.

Sometimes Sarah wanted to run away, but knew that is wasn’t an option. Instead, she worked hard to stay positive because she didn’t want to bring everyone else down.

What Sarah wants people to know is that she and here family weren’t homeless because they wanted to be. Nor did they choose to have so many children out of laziness or because they thought it would bring them more welfare assistance. In fact, Sarah and her husband only receive assistance for their eldest daughter, although the children do receive medical coverage and additional food stamps. “Sometimes,” she says, “families just fall into situations and need some help.”